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The importance of criminal intent in underage pornography charges

In today’s digital environment full of clickable links and misleading headlines, it is easy to end up on a website full of illegal images. Links to underage pornography can even appear in an otherwise authoritative-looking email, just waiting to ensnare curious Wisconsin residents. Unfortunately, possessing and distributing pornographic images of children is always a crime, even when it happened accidentally or unknowingly.

While you can delete such content from your computer and from your Internet history, it is difficult to truly undo the damage. Even if you ignored the images and clicked away quickly, you probably still have trackable impressions on your system. This means agencies that watch for suspicious and unlawful online activity could target you for investigation.

If a conviction on underage pornography occurs, the penalties are typically severe. In Wisconsin, even a first offense Class A misdemeanor charge means the defendant will at least have to pay thousands of dollars in fines. From there, the consequences increase, topping out at felony convictions that impose penalties of 25 to 40 years in prison along with a fine of up to $100,000.

Lack of criminal intent is quite important when it comes to beating underage pornography charges, but it could be difficult to prove. Most defendants need a criminal defense attorney to help prove lack of intent through thorough investigation strategies and efficient courtroom techniques.

At the Kohn & Smith law firm, we strive to provide residents in the Milwaukee area with up-to-date information about the defense strategies against charges of underage pornography and other Internet crimes. You can learn more about these strategies on our website.

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