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Fighting against false allegations of sexual assault

Allegations that you have committed a sex crime can change your life in many negative ways, even if you are innocent. Often, legal cases involving sexual assault can quickly become public knowledge, leaving the defendants vulnerable to damage against their reputation and their personal dignity. As a result, many of those who have been falsely accused of or charged with sexual assault experience changes to their emotional and mental well-being on top of any legal penalties that could occur upon a conviction.

Fighting against such allegations is the best way to preserve your reputation while giving you the opportunity to beat the charges against you. As in all states, Wisconsin prosecutors aggressively pursue conviction for sex crimes, including assault. Penalties are typically quite severe upon conviction and often include imprisonment, sex offender registration and costly fines.

Fighting to save your freedom and your reputation can empower you to show the public you are innocent of the charges. As the burden of proof lies with the state, you might have a better chance than you think to beat the charges if you are innocent. This means regaining the respect you deserve and returning to your normal, everyday life.

The first step to take is finding an attorney who will commit to becoming a faithful advocate on your behalf. A dedicated attorney is willing to thoroughly investigate the charges levied against you and look for ways to help you prove your innocence. Becoming embroiled in litigation involving sex crimes is never easy, but it does not necessarily mean you are doomed to fail.

Learn more about fighting sexual assault allegations by visiting our law firm online. Each criminal defense attorney with the Kohn, Smith and Roth firm believes in the power of the law to help those falsely accused.

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