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Fighting accusations of online solicitation of a minor

Protecting minors is something the government and society puts a high priority on. This can lead to law enforcement and prosecutors bringing a lot of resources to bear when building their cases against individuals they suspect of committing sex crimes against minors. For example, there are all sorts of tactics they might use when investigating and prosecuting individuals accused of soliciting a minor online.

In the face of such intense law enforcement/prosecutor efforts, a person facing online solicitation of a minor allegations may fear that conviction is a forgone conclusion. However, individuals accused of online crimes against a minor have just as much of a right to present a defense as any other person accused of criminal activity, and law enforcement and prosecutors taking aggressive investigative/prosecutorial actions against an individual is far from a guarantee that the evidence they have is sufficient to convict.

There are many different things that, depending on the circumstances, may be able to be challenged about the government’s case in an online solicitation of minors case, including:

  • Whether the prosecution’s evidence is accurate.
  • Whether the tactics police used to obtain the evidence the prosecution is using were aboveboard.
  • Whether the defendant had the intent/knowledge necessary to have committed the alleged offense.
  • Whether the prosecution’s evidence actually proves the above-mentioned crime happened.
  • Whether the prosecution’s evidence actually shows that the defendant is the internet user the prosecution claims they are.

Of course, what specific grounds a given defendant in an online solicitation case might be able to fight the charges brought against them on is influenced by a wide range of different factors.

Our criminal defense firm is deeply knowledgeable of the various different methods of challenging Wisconsin charges related to online solicitation of a minor allegations, what situations these different methods can be used in and what it takes to mount these sorts of challenges. We understand how important the right defense strategy is when facing these sorts of allegations and are committed to providing all of our criminal defense clients with the high-quality defense representation they need when their future is on the line.

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