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Marijuana manufacturing laws still strict in Wisconsin

Although some states have recently started taking a more lenient approach when it comes to laws for manufacturing or growing marijuana, Wisconsin is not one of those states. In fact, drug manufacturing laws in the state of Wisconsin are not only strict, but they are often considered so broad that police officers may arrest you even if there is actually not much of a chance you will actually face conviction.

Since the law does not make a distinction between growers who raise marijuana for their own personal use and those who grow it to sell, you could face charges for manufacturing and distributing marijuana even if you only intended to grow it for your own use. In addition to these charges, if you have actually been growing marijuana for income, you could find yourself facing other serious charges. These charges could include conspiracy or money laundering.

Since they do not have to prove you were actually involved in the direct growing of marijuana, prosecutors often may add a charge of conspiracy when a group of people are arrested. This is because they only have to show that you worked with others in the manufacturing and distribution process. You could also face a charge of money laundering in addition to a manufacturing charge if you take the money that you receive from selling marijuana and attempt to manipulate financial records to make the money appear to be from a source of legitimate income.

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