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Woman will need criminal defense after kidnapping nephew

A 32-year-old Colorado woman is facing 25 years in prison after being convicted for kidnapping a 4-day-old boy that she allegedly planned to attempt to pass off as her own child. The charges against the woman stemmed from an incident that occurred back on Feb. 5 when the woman removed her nephew from a home in Wisconsin without his parent’s knowledge and later abandoned him behind a West Branch convenience store.

According to court documents, the woman was initially supposed to spend the night with her half sister and her half sister’s family at a residence in Beloit that belonged to the half sister’s uncle. Instead, the woman allegedly left with the child during the middle of the night, but failed to let anyone know. Investigators reported that they were alerted to the incident after a 911 call about the kidnapping the next morning when the family awoke and discovered that the child and the woman were missing.

Police were later able to contact the woman about an hour later and instructed her to meet with them at a gas station for questioning. Although the child was initially not found with the woman at the time of the meeting, he was soon discovered at a nearby BP station where he had been left in a plastic tote.

The woman was subsequently arrested at the scene. The child was taken to the nearby University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, but later reunited with his parents after being examined and found okay by doctors.

Defendants who are facing child abduction charges may find it beneficial to seek assistance with an experienced Wisconsin criminal attorney.

Source: Iowa City Press-Citizen, “Kristen Smith gets 25 years in West Branch kidnapping” Oct. 27, 2014

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