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Alleged domestic violence leads to multiple charges for man

Acts of violence are far too common in Wisconsin as well as various areas across the country. The penalties for similar crimes are severe, often lead to restraining orders and, in some cases, time behind bars. However, allegations of domestic violence may often be exaggerated, stemming from an argument that has grown out of control. A man is facing multiple charges after an alleged altercation at a local apartment complex.

Police claim to have received a report of a domestic dispute at the apartment complex. Upon arrival, they asserted that the individual claimed to be in possession of weapons, and allegedly threatened to use them. They proceeded to surround the area and evacuate several individuals, including a woman and her baby. There was no indication as to what evidence indicated the presence of domestic violence, nor was the victim of said violence listed in the report.

The man who was eventually arrested is reportedly facing numerous charges, including domestic battery and intimidation, in relation to the incident in question. He is also accused of failing to comply with arrest and threats against police officers. These charges are serious in nature, and a subsequent conviction would have a devastating impact on his life.

When accused of domestic violence, an individual must focus on the specifics of the formal charges and be prepared to challenge the accusations in court. This process can be exceedingly complex, prompting a need to obtain guidance from an experienced attorney. By speaking with a defense attorney, a person in Wisconsin can obtain advice and assistance on how to obtain the most favorable outcome possible given the current circumstances.

Source:, “Two Rivers man jailed on multiple charges after standoff“, Andrea Hay, April 30, 2017

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