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Music teacher in Wisconsin facing allegations for sex crimes

Teachers often play a significant role in the development of students. Many individuals can recall their favorite teacher even after numerous years have passed. Unfortunately, the delicate balance between student/teacher relations has also led to criminal accusations for many individuals of a similar profession. A music teacher in Wisconsin was recently accused of sex crimes involving 14-year-old student.

The incident in question is said to have taken place around four years prior to the allegations. The girl asserts that her parents were having marital issues, prompting her to seek the advice of a trusted adult. She claims that after turning to the man, he began to send her text messages that were sexual in nature. Although her mother was allegedly aware of the texts, she advised that she feared that the girl would receive negative attention at school and thus did not report the incident to authorities.

Following a safety presentation given by police four years later, the girl apparently decided to step forward and talk with authorities. In addition to the alleged texts, she claims that the man had forced her to come to his office numerous times during school hours, where he allegedly initiated improper contact with her. According to reports, he has been suspended from teaching in relation to the alleged sexual assault.

Although accusations of sex crimes are serious, in some cases, they may also be exaggerated. Individuals who are subjected to such allegations often seek to protect themselves from the potential consequences by obtaining legal counsel. An attorney in Wisconsin can evaluate the evidence revolving around the incident in question and assist a client in forming a strong defense geared toward challenging the pending charges during criminal proceedings.

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