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Former school administrator accused of multiple sex crimes

When accused of a crime, some individuals may feel pressured to make a statement. In some cases, an accused individual may even confess to crimes under duress. Unfortunately, issuing an early statement or confession without first consulting with legal counsel can make the situation much more challenging to overcome. A former school administrator in Wisconsin may be experiencing similar difficulties after he was recently accused of multiple sex crimes.

According to reports, a social networking application advised authorities that an adult was involved in conversations with a 12-year-old boy that were allegedly sexual in nature. Authorities claim to have tracked the profile to the school where the man was employed, and claim that the phone number listed under the profile belonged to him as well. They also say that an adult was posing as the young boy with the intention of catching predators through online sources.

After being confronted by police, the man allegedly confessed to having improper conversations with minors, along with an alleged sexual act with one minor. Although taken into custody at the time, he was reportedly released with charges pending. While awaiting criminal proceedings, he is prohibited from contact with minors and use of the internet.

A person who is confronted with allegations for sex crimes will likely find it beneficial to seek legal counsel before responding in any way. By speaking with a defense attorney, an accused individual can obtain guidance throughout this intimidating process. An attorney in Wisconsin can thoroughly evaluate a client’s current situation and assist him or her in forming the strongest defense possible for use in subsequent criminal proceedings.

Source:, “Former La Crosse Catholic school administrator charged with child sex assault“, Anne Jungen, May 3, 2017

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