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Wisconsin man accused of sex crimes dating back to 1994

In order to convict an accused individual of sexual assault, he or she must be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. This process can be challenging, especially when the alleged incident is said to have taken place over 20 years ago. A Wisconsin man has recently been accused of sex crimes involving a minor in relation to an incident that supposedly occurred in 1994.

According to reports, a woman recently came forward with the accusations, claiming that the man sexually assaulted her at the age of 13. She claims that the man asked her to sit on his lap and look at pictures, and began having inappropriate contact with her shortly after. He then allegedly followed her to a nearby bed and attempted to reach into her clothing before reportedly being interrupted by another individual.

She says that at the time, she felt responsible and was too ashamed to step forward. When an individual lets a certain amount of time pass before bringing forth such allegations, certain facts may become blurry, or even be remembered incorrectly. There was no indication listed of any evidence, other than the woman’s statements, that would support the allegations.

Accusations of sex crimes are taken seriously, regardless of how much time has passed. Allegations for such crimes can be harmful enough on their own, and an accused individual in Wisconsin will likely find it beneficial to seek legal counsel for guidance throughout the process. A defense attorney can thoroughly evaluate the charges against a client, along with the evidence present, and advise him or her of the best course of action to take during criminal proceedings.

Source:, “Man faces sex assault charge in 1994 case“, April 21, 2017

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