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Seeking guidance when accused of drug crimes in Wisconsin

Countless individuals in Wisconsin and elsewhere have been involved in routine traffic stops for various reasons over the years. Whether for a more serious offense, such as speeding, or simply for an issue with a headlight, these incidents can be stressful enough on their own. When it leads to additional criminal charges, the situation can quickly become significantly more severe. A woman has been accused of drug crimes after a recent traffic stop that is said to have taken place on Mother’s Day.

Police say they came into contact with a vehicle that was being operated with a burned out headlight. After initiating a traffic stop, officers assert that the smell of marijuana was emanating from the vehicle. During this period, they claim the woman admitted to having drugs and paraphernalia in the vehicle, both of which were allegedly within reach of a young child at the time.

After searching the vehicle, police allegedly unearthed various types of drug paraphernalia, some of which they claim tested positive for heroin. She was subsequently charged with possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia. Although the presence of a child may increase the severity of drug charges under similar circumstances, there was no indication of additional charges listed.

Following a similar event, an accused individual will likely be focused on protecting his or her legal rights. Those accused of drug crimes might consider consulting with a defense attorney for guidance. An attorney in Wisconsin can advise a client on the possible consequences and outcomes and help pursue the best outcome achievable during criminal proceedings.

Source: Oak Creek, WI Patch, “Mother’s Day Traffic Stop Turns into Drug Charges for Woman Driving 9-Year-old Child“, Scott Anderson, May 15, 2017

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