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Man accused of sex crimes related to alleged actions with underage girl

The internet can be a place of anonymity and uncertainty. This technological advancement has made it possible to easily connect with people from various regions across the country, without the need for a physical meeting. Although beneficial in numerous ways, communicating via online sources can also have a dark side. A 31-year-old man from another state was recently arrested in Wisconsin after being accused of sex crimes involving a minor.

Police assert that a call was placed regarding alleged suspicious activity at a local hotel. According to the complaint, a man was spending time with an underage girl while staying at the hotel. Upon arrival, police located and questioned the man. They asserted that the girl was not there at the time, but they claim to have located her later on as well.

They claim that the man had been speaking with the girl through online sources for up to a year prior to the alleged incident, and that he made the trip from Michigan to engage in sexual activity with her. He stands accused of having sexual relations with a minor, along with possession of child pornography and enticement. A conviction of this nature would have severe consequences for the man, and he is likely focused on preparing for the coming process.

By speaking with an attorney early in the process, those in Wisconsin who are accused of sex crimes can obtain guidance throughout this intimidating period. A defense attorney can thoroughly examine the charges against a client, along with the evidence involved, and inform him or her of the possible outcomes he or she might face. Using this information, an attorney can assist a client in pursuing the most favorable outcome achievable during criminal proceedings.

Source:, “Janesville Police arrest Michigan man on sex assault charges”, Cody Carter, May 9, 2017

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