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Man accused of sex crimes 7 years after alleged incident

Facing criminal accusations can be extremely intimidating, especially when the incident is said to have taken place several years prior. However, this has occurred in many instances involving allegations of sex crimes involving minors, with many victims claiming to have been afraid to step forward at the time. A former teacher in Wisconsin is facing similar charges after a woman recently asserted that the two were involved in a sexual relationship around seven years ago while she was in high school.

According to the woman, the man was one of her high school teachers at the time. She claims that he began flirting with her, and it eventually evolved into a physical relationship. She asserts that the two allegedly engaged in intercourse on multiple occasions, lasting all the way into her college years. The former teacher is reportedly in custody and is now facing felony charges of the sexual assault of a child.

Reportedly, a second alleged victim has also came forward with accusations against the man, although it is unclear what they might be. In addition, there was no indication of the evidence to support allegations, possibly on account of the seven-year delay. The man apparently left his position within the school several years ago, and if convicted, he wouldn’t be able to obtain future employment within a similar field.

Along with employment concerns, individuals who are accused of sex crimes could face consequences that are significantly more severe, such as time in prison and registration as a sex offender. Individuals in Wisconsin who are accused of a similar crime often speak with a defense attorney for assistance throughout the process. Through thorough examination of the incident in question, an attorney can assist a client in forming a strong strategy of defense, which could help protect him or her from potentially devastating consequences.

Source:, “Update: Second reported sexual assault victim of ex-teacher comes forward“, May 12, 2017

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