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How social media can affect criminal cases

If you are facing criminal charges in Wisconsin, it is wise to understand the ways in which your social media profiles and postings may impact your case. Nowadays, many people have social media accounts across a broad variety of different mediums, and just as you may use these channels to find out more about a colleague, babysitter, a potential date or what have you, you can expect that whoever is prosecuting your criminal case may do the same. So, before you post to any of your social media accounts, understand how doing so may affect your case.

3 common cyber crimes

The classifications for cyber crimes are vast and ever growing. One college student's prank to pass along messages to every computer screen or printer on campus is another student's internet and/or computer crime. Most crimes involving the internet require some form malicious intent. Below are three examples of cyber crimes that a quite common and continue to grow, especially with the consistent rise of social media.

Minimize your chances of getting pulled over by police

Driving is a necessary part of life, but getting pulled over by the cops is an aspect of your travel that is mostly avoidable. The attention of police can be minimized by eliminating behaviors that give officers a reason to stop you and give you a ticket. If you do get pulled over, it's important to remain polite, as a belligerent attitude is likely to only make the situation worse.

Inmate charged with 15 years in jail after multiple crimes

A 19-year-old man was arrested and sentenced to 15 years in jail for possession of a firearm after breaking out of the Black River Correctional Center in Wisconsin and committing multiple crimes. He had only 30 days left of a prior prison sentence for burglary and arson.Along with a 29-year-old inmate, the man escaped the facility on July 18th, 2012 and committed the federal crimes of firearm and auto theft. The two criminals also kidnapped and later released a woman in the process. Days after engaging in a high-speed auto chase with authorities and assaulting and robbing a store clerk in Florida, the two men were arrested.

Wisconsin man allegedly sold cocaine to his doctor

A Caledonia doctor accused of participating in a multicounty cocaine distribution ring that span into other states became an informant for the federal government. Upon becoming an informant, he identified one of his patients as a dealer and befriended another in an attempt to buy cocaine undercover. The attorneys of the alleged dealer have filed four motions to have the charges against him dismissed due to a breach in doctor-patient confidentiality. He is charged with three felonies.

Internet sting results in 17 arrests

More than a dozen local, state and federal law enforcement agencies investigated alleged online sexual predators and took 17 people into custody in Wisconsin between March 12 and 14 for allegedly committing crimes against children. The Department of Justice dubbed the effort to locate persons involved in sex crimes "Operation Black Veil." While 16 individuals were from Wisconsin, one man reportedly drove to the state from Illinois to pursue a girl he believed was 15. The men ranged in age from to 19 to 66, and they were arrested for a variety of charges, including trafficking of a child, child enticement, using a computer to facilitate a child sex crime, exposing a child to harmful materials and solicitation of a prostitute. Some were also arrested for drug crimes and other non-sexual offenses. The police continue to investigate other individuals who may be involved and warned predators that they could also be arrested. 

Wisconsin sting operation raises doubts

A sting operation involving a 10-month investigation in Milwaukee was criticized by an official from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms for various problems. Although the sting resulted in at least 31 arrests on charges of federal crimes, the ATF official stated that changes would be made in future undercover operations. The problems with this sting operation covered a wide range of issues, including stolen guns, the loss of one agent's ballistic shield, theft of nearly $40,000 in merchandise and charges being brought against the wrong suspects. The special agent in charge of the division admitted that mistakes had been made, but he also defended his officers, citing the high number of arrests. However, an independent investigation revealed that most of the counts were for minor gun and drug crimes. 

Wisconsin woman convicted of sexual abuse avoids civil liability

We discuss a wide variety of cases on our criminal defense blog, but it may surprise readers to learn that defendants in criminal cases may also be sued for civil liability, usually by a victim or the victim's family. Whether or not the defendant is found guilty in criminal court doesn't necessarily dictate the outcome of a civil lawsuit, but both cases require a highly effective defense attorney.

Teacher accused of child sexual abuse seeks to return to former position

Though the heading of this post is certainly attention grabbing, it should also serve as a reminder to all of us that accusations of sex crimes can sometimes serve to affect our judgment as to whether someone is actually guilty or innocent, regardless of the facts behind those accusations.

Part 2: States try 'catch-all' law to address synthetic drugs

In the previous post we discussed some of the growing concern surrounding the manufacturing and distribution of synthetic drugs. Though many states have made it a drug offense, officials are finding it difficult to keep up with the manufacturers of synthetic drugs.

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