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Child sexual assault charges loom for Madison school coach

A Wisconsin defendant's life can change for the worse even before the person is charged with a crime. An individual under investigation or arrested for sexual misconduct may suffer serious damage to his or her personal and professional life before an arraignment, a plea, a trial or a conviction.

Medicaid fraud investigations against providers

Individuals and companies can face criminal prosecution for overbilling insurance companies and government medical programs for patient services. The federal government certifies Medicaid Fraud Control Units in Wisconsin and nearly all other states investigate fraud in federally-funded health care programs.

Statutory rape | Still a punishable offense in Wisconsin

A few decades ago, the term statutory rape was well known in many states. Over the years, other terminology seemed to replace statutory rape causing the term to slip close to oblivion. While a defendant's actions may or may not be called something else, statutory rape is still a punishable offense across the nation.

Fighting Wisconsin domestic violence charges

America is well-known for its passionate personal relationships. Most citizens of Milwaukee and the rest of the nation would not want to trade away this passion for anything, but sometimes our emotional involvement can get the best of us. This can happen in a number of ways as listed below.

Avoid wrongful violent crimes convictions with good legal counsel

If you have ever wondered whether legal representation was the same across the board, you might be in for an awakening. While all attorneys have received an education about the law and passed their bar exams, defendants charged with violent crimes should not hesitate to choose their attorney with care. The reason for such caution is that many attorneys have different areas in which they may possess a great deal of knowledge and experience. By learning more about the background of an attorney and his or her practice areas, defendants are better able to make a choice that meets their defense needs.

Not all homicide allegations lead to a murder conviction

If you or someone you know is currently involved in a homicide investigation, you may be experiencing feelings of panic or extreme anxiety. Of course, this is a perfectly normal reaction and it is wise take the matter seriously. However, but before you let these negative feelings take control, it can help to learn more about homicide in Milwaukee and other areas of Wisconsin.

Are there different kinds of domestic violence allegations?

As with many alleged crimes, yes, there is more than one way a defendant could be accused of domestic violence. This kind of violence often occurs behind closed doors, making it difficult for authorities to pinpoint the type of crime, if any, that has been committed. While many domestic violence accusations are sincere, the relative privacy of this crime means that sometimes defendants are accused even if they have done nothing wrong.

Overcoming allegations of sex crimes in Wisconsin

For those embroiled in defending themselves against allegations of sexual assault or similar crimes, it often seems impossible to imagine beating the charges. Like many other states, Wisconsin law takes a hard stance against such crimes, but it doesn't have to mean an automatic defeat. Although it feels like an unwinnable situation, it is important to remain as positive as possible while still taking a realistic approach.

A fraud conviction in Wisconsin can change your life

Fraud: For many, it just doesn't feel like that big a deal, but depending upon the circumstances, fraud charges can bring life-changing consequences to those convicted. There are many different kinds of fraud from simple employee theft to severe wire fraud and all of the United States takes such allegations seriously. In fact, it is a federal offense to commit fraud in many cases and could mean the loss of freedom, money and reputation.

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