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Death of 2 by alleged overdose leaves 1 facing drug charges

Reports of an investigation into the death of two individuals at a motel in Wisconsin have reportedly left one person accused of involvement in drug-related activity. Being involved in such an investigation can be a harrowing experience that could remain with a person throughout life. Individuals who face drug charges under similar circumstances might not always be aware of their legal rights or know how best to handle the situation.  

Reports of the incident 

According to reports, law enforcement agents say they were dispatched to a local motel after receiving information about a possible overdose. Upon arriving at the location, they claim to have found two dead bodies within one of the rooms. They also assert that there was a substance on one of the bodies that appeared to be cocaine and that the deaths were likely due to drug overdose. 

Authorities say they found a bottle of pills near one of the bodies and claim that the man whose name appeared on the bottle was in the room with the two prior to and after their deaths. This information was allegedly provided by a witness who claims to have called for help after walking into the room and finding the two bodies. The man has since been arrested and is now facing numerous drug-related charges in relation to the investigation. 

Facing drug charges 

It is no secret that a conviction for drug charges carries serious penalties, and the severity thereof may only increase with the presence of a fatal overdose. Individuals who face similar charges and remain uncertain of how best to approach the situation could find it helpful to retain the services of an attorney for guidance as soon as possible. An attorney can examine the charges and evidence against a client, provide insight on his or her legal rights and available options, and assist in preparing to seek the best outcome possible concerning his or her future during subsequent court proceedings. 

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