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2 face multiple drug charges following investigation

When authorities receive information about the possible presence of drug-activity, they may deploy a variety of tactics throughout the subsequent investigation. In some cases, these measures might include use of information provided by informants or evidence obtained through controlled purchases. A recent investigation that is said to have involved similar measures allegedly culminated into the search of a residence that has left two individuals facing numerous drug charges in Wisconsin. 

Investigation reports 

According to reports, the investigation began after authorities received information about the possible presence of drug activity from an informant. Authorities claim that they were able to obtain contact information for a person who they believed was responsible for distributing illegal substances. Soon thereafter, authorities say they were able to set up a meeting with the person and carry out a controlled purchase of cocaine on several occasions. 

Authorities assert that following the purchases, they proceeded to obtain and execute a search warrant at the location of an alleged drug dwelling. Up to two individuals have been arrested as a result of the investigation, each of whom is now facing felony drug charges. Authorities claim that at least one of the controlled purchases took place near a local school, which only adds to the severity of a conviction for similar charges. 

What to expect 

Individuals who face felony drug charges might not always know what to expect from the situation or where to turn for guidance on the next steps to take. When similar concerns arise, a person in Wisconsin could benefit from consulting with an attorney for guidance on all his or her available options and legal rights. An attorney can evaluate the circumstances a client is facing, provide insight in making informed choices about his or her options and assist in creating a strategy with which to seek the best outcome possible concerning his or her future during court proceedings. 

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