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Investigation into kickback scheme leads to allegations of fraud

Many companies may feel that keeping detailed financial records is an essential part of protecting the future of their endeavors. Should any inaccuracies appear in these records, an investigation into the matter could leave company officials looking for an answer, or for someone to blame. A former vice president of a health care company in Wisconsin has been accused of fraud after an investigation was initiated into the alleged presence of a $3 million kickback scheme. 

Allegations of fraud 

The investigation reportedly began after the CEO of Mercyhealth came forward with reports of the discovery of fraudulent behavior. He claims to have learned that the vice president of the company took part in a kickback scheme with a vendor. This person stands accused of carrying out improper business dealings and altering and inflating invoice prices over an unspecified period. 

The company’s CEO asserts that the incident has left the company facing up to $3 million in financial losses. The vice president has already been fired from his or her position and could face various charges pending completion of the investigation. A conviction for similar charges carries severe consequences that could have a lingering impact on one’s life in various ways. 

Preparing for what comes next 

Individuals who stand accused of white collar crimes such as fraud and wish to seek insight on how best to prepare for the subsequent process could benefit from retaining the services of an attorney as soon as possible. An attorney can address the situation thoroughly, provide a client with advice on all his or her available options, and assist in creating a strong defense for use during legal proceedings. Such guidance could prove integral to helping a person in Wisconsin make informed choices while preparing to seek the best outcome achievable concerning his or her future. 

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