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Do you have grounds to appeal your criminal conviction?

A conviction of any type of crime can have irrevocable consequences on your life. In addition to facing the potential for spending time behind bars, you could also find yourself with expensive fines, loss of your personal reputation and much more. The penalties and their effects could have a long-reaching and negative impact on your life for years to come. While a conviction may seem like the final step in your case, it is possible there are additional options you could pursue that may benefit your situation.

Appeals allow someone convicted of a crime to challenge the outcome of his or her case. This cannot happen simply because someone did not like the outcome of his or her case, but there are certain circumstances that may merit a second look at the procedures and other elements of the case or process. It may be in your interests to explore the option of an appeal.

Typical reasons to file an appeal

In a criminal case, an error at any point of the case could be grounds for an appeal. The following are other valid reasons to bring your concerns to an appellate court to ask for additional consideration of your case:

  • There was a serious error of law in the lower court.
  • There is evidence the lower court abused its discretion in an errant ruling.
  • The weight of the evidence brought by the prosecution does not support the ruling.
  • Ineffective assistance of counsel affected the outcome of the case.

The right approach for your appeal depends on the specific issues that affected your case. It is important to carefully review every aspect of your case, starting with the initial investigation. This in-depth look can reveal whether or not you have grounds for an appeal. It is within your rights to fight for the best possible outcome of your case, including during the post-conviction stage.

Fight for your future

A conviction can be devastating, but you still have options available to you. It may be in your interests to explore the possibility of an appeal. If this is something you would like to pursue, it is beneficial to move forward with this as soon as possible after a conviction. Your prompt action can make a difference in the final outcome of your appeal, as well as your future interests.

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