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Former car salesman faces numerous fraud charges

Employees in virtually any business setting might find that being the subject of numerous customer complaints can be a harrowing experience. Such a scenario could run the risk of tarnishing a person’s reputation, and should these complaints include allegations of unlawful behavior, the outcome of the subsequent investigation could carry dire repercussions. A recent investigation that was initiated under a similar scenario has reportedly left a former car salesman in Wisconsin facing numerous fraud charges. 

Fraud charges 

According to reports, the investigation began in 2019 after customers began to file complaints about the actions of a former employee at a consignment car dealership. Authorities claim to have learned that he had sold vehicles on behalf of an unspecified number of customers, but these customers say they never received any form of payment. The man stands accused of forging titles for vehicles and keeping the proceeds of each sale. 

Recent reports also assert that the man has faced similar allegations in connection with various other business endeavors in the past. Reports indicate that he is currently facing as many as 15 fraud charges in relation to the investigation. Although reports indicate that he initially entered a plea of not guilty, investigators claim he has issued a statement saying that he is prepared to provide restitution for the losses of alleged victims. 

Advice on one’s options 

Being the subject of an investigation into allegations of fraud can be stressful and the penalties for a conviction for similar charges can carry life-altering repercussions. Those who face similar charges and wish to know more about how best to approach the situation could benefit from retaining the services of an attorney as soon as possible for advice on their legal rights and options. An attorney can examine the charges and evidence against a client, provide him or her with guidance in making informed choices about the situation and assist in creating a strong defense for use during subsequent court proceedings. 

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