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1 accused of fraud after allegedly cashing stolen checks

In some cases, investigations into a home-related robbery could span out over weeks or even months as authorities work to track down certain items. As items taken from a home could change hands several times after the original incident, finding those responsible for stealing them could prove difficult at times. A woman in Wisconsin is reportedly facing fraud charges after allegedly cashing several checks from a checkbook that was previously reported as being stolen during a recent robbery.

Reports indicate that the investigation began after authorities received reports about a robbery at a local home on Dec. 22. Over the next several weeks, they claim to have found out that another person had written and cashed several checks from a checkbook that was reported stolen during the incident. According to reports, police allegedly found the person in possession of the checkbook during a recent traffic stop.

Authorities assert that the woman cashed more than $1,000 in fraudulent checks during this period. She has been taken into custody and is reportedly facing multiple charges in relation to the incident. As records indicate that she has a previous conviction for identity theft charges on record, a subsequent conviction for similar charges would likely carry serious penalties.

Regardless of how it occurs, those who face charges for check fraud could find it helpful to seek advice prior to responding to allegations. By consulting with legal counsel, a person in Wisconsin could obtain insight on all their available options and legal rights. An attorney can examine the charges and evidence against a client in Wisconsin and assist him or her in preparing to seek the best outcome possible during subsequent legal proceedings.

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