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1 charged with armed robbery in Wisconsin

When a crime takes place, it may only be natural that the situation could leave those involved in search of answers. Knowing how best to handle a similar situation might not always be so easy, especially for those who stand accused of committing an unlawful act. Reports of a recent incident that is said to have taken place at a bank in Wisconsin have left a 39-year-old man facing armed robbery charges.

Law enforcement agents say they received reports of a robbery on a recent Thursday morning. They say the report indicated that a man had entered a local bank and walked up to a teller before passing this person a note that allegedly indicated that he had a firearm and intended to carry out a robbery. Authorities assert that he gathered nearly $20,000 in a bag before fleeing the scene.

While investigating the incident, authorities claim to have received a call from a local motel about a person who matched the description provided. Upon arriving at the scene and speaking to him, they claim he eventually admitted his involvement in the incident. He was arrested and is now facing multiple charges in relation to the incident and reports indicate that a conviction for such charges could leave him facing a sentence of nearly 80 years behind bars.

Facing armed robbery charges can not only be a daunting process, but those who stand accused of similar offenses may also find it difficult to know how best to approach what comes next. Individuals in Wisconsin who wish to know more about all their available legal options could find it helpful to speak with an attorney for guidance in making informed decisions. Such advice could help a person better understand the consequences he or she might face and better prepare to seek the best outcome achievable during subsequent legal proceedings.

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