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White collar crimes: Understanding extortion

When accused of certain forms of unlawful activity, it might not be uncommon for some individuals in Wisconsin and elsewhere to struggle to fully grasp the situation. Offenses such as extortion can come in various forms and knowing what constitutes as such an act might not always be such an easy task. Those who stand accused of white collar crimes such as extortion and wish to know how best to approach the subsequent process could benefit from seeking guidance on their options early on.

The term extortion refers to an act in which a person obtains another party’s property or assets through violent or threatening means. Unlike robbery, extortion typically does not pertain to an act that poses a physical threat to the other party. Examples of such acts could include threats of tarnishing one’s reputation or even threats of attacks against a business or one’s family members.

While blackmail may be a common form of extortion, such acts can come in a variety of forms. It may also be possible for a person to be accused of committing extortion through online methods, as experts indicate that cyber extortion continues to be a major concern. As accusations of threats and extortion could also stem from heated arguments, such matters could come down to one person’s word against another’s.

Since a conviction for white collar crimes such as extortion carries severe penalties, those accused of similar offenses could benefit from seeking guidance from an attorney as soon as possible. An attorney can provide a client in Wisconsin with advice on all his or her options and work toward developing a strategy for how best to approach the process. Such guidance could play a vital role in helping a person prepare to pursue the best outcome achievable concerning the situation during court proceedings.

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