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1 accused of armed robbery following reports of high-speed chase

After being accused of involvement in unlawful activity, the average person might not always be fully aware of how best to handle the situation. As navigating the criminal justice system can be a complex process, the idea of facing charges may prove harrowing enough as is. A 30-year-old man could be in search of guidance after he was accused of armed robbery following an alleged police pursuit that is said to have occurred in Wisconsin.

Law enforcement agents assert that the incident began when they received reports of an armed robbery on a recent Tuesday night. According to this report, a person claimed that a man had climbed into his or her vehicle and held out a gun before stealing the vehicle and driving off. Authorities claim they received a call about a second incident just 15 minutes later in which the same person had walked into a local residence and stolen the keys to another vehicle.

Authorities say they were able to locate the second vehicle later on and claim that the driver failed to comply with attempts to initiate a traffic stop. They say that a high-speed pursuit ensued and developed into a standoff once the vehicle came to a stop. The man in the vehicle was subsequently taken into custody and is now facing multiple charges, including allegations of two counts of armed robbery.

Armed robbery charges carry serious penalties should a conviction be obtained. Those who stand accused of similar offenses may wish to better understand all their legal rights and available options, but they might not be certain where to turn for advice in making informed choices. Fortunately, there are attorneys in Wisconsin who can work toward protecting a person’s rights while assisting him or her in developing a plan to seek the best outcome achievable during subsequent legal proceedings.

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