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Several face felony domestic assault charges in Wisconsin

Facing allegations of taking part in a violent altercation can be stressful enough as is, and a conviction for similar charges can have a lingering impact on one’s life. Those who stand accused of domestic assault might not always be certain of how best to prepare for what comes next, as navigating the criminal justice system can be complex. Multiple recent incidents have reportedly left at least two individuals facing felony domestic assault charges in Wisconsin.

In one of the incidents, a man stands accused of jumping onto and damaging a woman’s vehicle. Although many of the details pertaining to this incident remain unclear, authorities claim it took place as the woman was attempting to flee from his presence. Reports indicate the man was taken into custody soon thereafter and that he is currently facing felony charges for domestic assault.

Another incident allegedly involved a physical altercation outside a local residence. In this incident, authorities assert that a man headbutted another individual in the face. While it is unclear if the alleged incident resulted in injury, reports do indicate the man was arrested and is also facing felony domestic violence charges.

Those who stand accused of domestic assault and wish to seek insight on what to expect from the subsequent process could benefit from seeking guidance as soon as possible. By consulting with an attorney, a person in Wisconsin could obtain much needed advice on all his or her available options and in making informed decisions about the case. An attorney can evaluate the charges and evidence against a client and assist in developing a strong strategy for defense for use during legal proceedings.

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