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Reports of reckless driving behavior lead to felony drug charges

It may come as no surprise that the idea of facing allegations of unlawful behavior can be a harrowing concept. Without the necessary legal experience, the average person may feel uncertain of his or her available options and of how best to approach the situation. A Wisconsin man could be in search of guidance after a recent traffic stop left him facing numerous drug charges.

According to reports, the incident is said to have occurred on a recent Wednesday after law enforcement agents claim to have spotted a person exhibiting reckless driving behavior. They claim the vehicle was swerving across a parking lot at a high rate of speed and say that they proceeded to initiate a routine traffic stop. While speaking with the driver, police assert that they became aware of a strong scent of marijuana coming from within the vehicle.

During a subsequent search of the vehicle, authorities allegedly uncovered the presence of more than 300 grams of marijuana, along with drug paraphernalia. The man was reportedly taken into custody soon thereafter. Reports indicate that he is facing multiple charges in relation to the incident, including felony charges for possession with intent to deliver.

A conviction for felony drug charges carries severe penalties that could have lingering impact on a person’s life. Those who stand accused of similar offenses and wish to gain insight on what to expect from the subsequent process could benefit from retaining the services of an attorney as soon as possible for advice in making informed choices about the situation. An attorney can provide a client in Wisconsin with advice on all his or her available options and assist in developing a strategy to seek the most favorable outcome possible during subsequent court proceedings.

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