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What makes white collar crimes different?

White collar crime is different in many ways from other types of crime. These crimes are financial in nature. They do not involve violence. The main thing that makes them different, though, is the people who commit these crimes are not the stereotypical criminal. 

According to Forbes, if you commit a white collar crime, then you probably do not have a prior criminal history. You likely have a very good job where you are responsible for financial matters. Also, the motivation behind your crime may not be the same as the motivation of someone who commits another type of crime. 

Lack of checks and balances 

It is easy to commit a white collar crime when you are in a position where you do not answer to anyone or where nobody checks into your work. When you have a lot of freedom and power, it can make it tempting to step outside the law with your actions. This is especially true if you work in a job where you have a lot of pressure to accomplish certain goals that are quite difficult to accomplish without doing something that is not 100% legal. 

Work environment 

One of the factors that may lead to white collar crime is a work environment that does not value ethics and encourages unethical behaviors. It is much easier to embezzle money or commit fraud when everyone around you is accepting of the behavior. This is also why many white collar crimes involve multiple people from within a company. 

No obvious victim 

Another issue with white collar crime is that the victims of the crimes are not always obvious. You may find it easier to commit this type of crime if you perceive the only victim will be a multiple million-dollar company. 

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