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Bar fights, self defense and assault charges

When assault charges come up, those facing court often have a lot of uncertainty, many questions and worries about their future and the impact of the allegations. Regrettably, many people are wrongly accused of assault when they were simply trying to defend themselves. This often occurs following a bar fight and it is imperative for those involved in such an altercation to have a clear understanding of their rights and legal strategies to prove their innocence. After all, these cases carry harsh penalties such as time behind bars and a shattered reputation. 

Altercations occur in bars, night clubs and restaurants for various reasons. Alcohol often plays a key role in such fights and some people find themselves in a tough position after trying to protect themselves from an attacker. Fortunately, many are able to prove their innocence thanks to video evidence that captured the altercation. However, such information is not always available and in some cases, it is one person’s word against another’s. This is especially difficult when someone is unfairly judged as a result of their appearance or the other party sustaining an injury. We realize that there are many details surrounding such fights and people who appear more physically intimidating also have the need to protect themselves, especially if a weapon is involved (such as a steak knife). 

To go over some more on assault charges, head over to our page on violent crimes. During such a tough time, having access to informative resources and a thorough understanding of your options is paramount, along with a close review of all the details. 

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