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Arrests made in alleged drug operations

People who read or hear news reports about criminal activities and arrests may often assume that the defendants are guilty even before any trials have taken place. Media stories often focus their angles in such a way that does position defendants in a very poor light. This is one of the many sad realities of our society. However, it is important for people to remember that no person is guilty until proven so. In addition, every person has the right to defend themselves against criminal charges. 

Today, there are 37 people who may be in need of remembering these facts. As reported by, these people have been charged with a variety of crimes related to some alleged drug crimes. Most of the people have been placed under arrest as well. The actions come after many law enforcement agencies from the municipal, state and federal levels collaborated over a series of years on what they believe were two separate drug operations. 

The alleged operations were said to have taken place between Wisconsin and Puerto Rico. The drugs involved in the cases include crack cocaine, cocaine, fentanyl and heroin. Among the charges facing the defendants is a charge of conspiracy to distribute cocaine or fentanyl. 

In one of the cases, law enforcement officers reportedly collected more than $260,000 in cash, multiple types of guns, heroin, crack cocaine and cocaine. No details were released as to whether or not the defendants were legally allowed to own the weapons. It is also not known how the law enforcement agencies tracked the defendants. 

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