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White collar crimes: 1 facing felony forgery charges in Wisconsin

While many consumers may choose the convenience of paying for purchases with cash or a debit card, some still use personal checks to pay for a variety of items. Some stores may even allow customers to write checks for larger purchases, and if a check fails to clear the bank, a company may be left in search of answers. A Wisconsin man has been accused of multiple white collar crimes after allegedly using fraudulent checks to purchase items at several stores.

The incident reportedly began after an employee of a local store filed a report with law enforcement agents claiming that a man had written checks to pay for over $2,300 in merchandise. According to the employee, the checks had been returned to the store after the bank was unable to locate the accounts. Police claim to have received reports of similar incidents in the area, and an investigation was initiated soon thereafter.

After reviewing surveillance footage from several stores at the times of the alleged purchases, police claim they were able to match a picture of a man to an image of the suspect. During a search of his vehicle, authorities allegedly uncovered multiple checks from various banks, and he was accused of forgery and fraud. He is reportedly facing multiple felony forgery charges, and a conviction for similar charges carries severe consequences.

Being accused of any crime can be a stressful process, and those who stand accused of white collar crimes charges may be uncertain how best to handle the situation. When facing a similar situation, a person could benefit from speaking with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. An attorney can help a client in Wisconsin fully understand the charges he or she is facing and provide guidance on the best course of action to take during court proceedings.

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