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Alleged encounter with informant leaves 1 accused of drug crimes

Many individuals have been accused of a crime following an alleged interaction with an undercover informant. Authorities may use these informants to make controlled purchases in an attempt to identify and apprehend those suspected of involvement in drug activity. A 36-year-old man has recently been arrested and accused of drug crimes in Wisconsin after allegedly selling a substance that appeared to be cocaine to an informant.

Authorities claim the incident began when the man allegedly attempted to negotiate a deal to sell cocaine to the informant. They assert that he agreed to take a portion of the price upfront with the promise of future payment and met the informant in a nearby parking lot. During this period, he allegedly handed over a baggie which contained a substance that appeared to be cocaine, which led authorities to initiate a search of his vehicle.

While an analysis of the substance in the bag reportedly indicated it to be baking soda, a search of his vehicle allegedly unearthed the presence of an unspecified amount of methamphetamine. He was taken into custody and is reportedly facing felony drug charges in relation to the incident. Similar charges carry severe penalties, and a conviction could result in a variety of devastating consequences, potentially including a lengthy prison term.

Those accused of drug crimes may find it advisable to seek guidance as soon as any charges are filed. By speaking with a defense attorney, a person in Wisconsin could obtain advice on making informed decisions throughout the process. An attorney can evaluate the charges and evidence against a client and assist in forming a strong defense for use during subsequent legal proceedings.

Source:, “Charges: River Falls man sold informant bag of baking soda“, Mike Longaecker, Dec. 5, 2017

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