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Routine traffic stop leads to allegations of white collar crimes

Being involved in a traffic stop can be a stressful and daunting experience, and the situation could only become more challenging should additional charges follow. White collar crimes such as identity theft carry severe consequences that could have a substantial impact on the life of an accused individual. A woman is facing similar charges after a recent traffic stop in Wisconsin in which authorities allegedly uncovered numerous stolen identification cards.

An officer initiated the traffic stop on a recent Tuesday for unspecified reasons. While speaking with the driver, the officer claims she was exhibiting suspicious behavior, which purportedly prompted a need to further investigate the situation. This process allegedly led to the uncovering of numerous identification cards issued to several individuals from a variety of states, all of which were fixed with the woman’s picture.

According to authorities, she was also in possession of blank checks that matched the names on each of the cards. She was taken into custody soon thereafter, and is facing numerous charges in relation, including identity theft. Those who face similar charges may find it advisable to prepare for subsequent legal proceedings by focusing on their defense, but they could be uncertain where to turn for guidance.

When accused of white collar crimes such as identity theft, a person could benefit from seeking advice from a defense attorney as soon as an arrest has been made. An attorney in Wisconsin can thoroughly evaluate the situation and work toward protecting a client’s legal rights throughout the process. This type of guidance could prove invaluable to pursuing the best outcome possible during subsequent court proceedings.

Source:, “Sergeant Bluff woman arrested in Wisconsin, allegedly had numerous stolen ID cards,” Bill Novak, Nov. 1, 2017

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