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2 accused of drug crimes after search of parked car in Wisconsin

Many individuals have faced allegations of drug-related crimes following the search of a vehicle. While authorities must have probable cause to initiate a search, if suspicious substances are left in plain sight, it may give them reason to further investigate the situation. Two individuals have recently been arrested and accused of drug crimes under similar circumstances after police came upon their vehicle in a parking lot in Wisconsin.

Authorities found the vehicle parked in the lot of a nearby apartment complex just after 4 p.m. on a recent Thursday evening. The proceeded to approach the vehicle, and claim that one of the occupants opened the door, which allegedly revealed the presence of hypodermic needles and a tourniquet. This led to a search of the vehicle, which allegedly uncovered several other needles and a small amount of methamphetamine.

It is unclear what led authorities to approach the vehicle, and no information was provided concerning any complaints that were filed by another party. Both individuals were taken into custody soon thereafter and each is facing drug charges in relation to the alleged incident. Police also claim that one of the passengers was the subject of an active warrant, and that he has two previous drug-related convictions on record.

Being accused of drug crimes can be a stressful and intimidating process. Those who face similar charges may benefit from speaking with a defense attorney early on, for advice on how best to approach the situation. An attorney can evaluate the charges and evidence against a client in Wisconsin and provide assistance in forming a strong defense for use during subsequent legal proceedings.

Source:, “Manitowoc man, woman arrested after police find meth, spoons, needles in their car,” Nov. 10, 2017

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