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3 arrested and accused of drug crimes in recent investigation

Many law enforcement agencies in Wisconsin and across the nation make use of a variety of measures in an effort to stem the flow of drug activity. Throughout an investigation, authorities may use informants to engage potential suspects, whether simply for information or to attempt to purchase narcotics. A recent investigation has led to the arrest of three individuals, all of which have been accused of numerous drug crimes.

Authorities claim that confidential informants met with each individual on several occasions, and purchased a variety of drugs at each meeting. These alleged purchases are said to have included substances such as heroin, marijuana and oxycodone. They assert this information led them to initiate a search of the home of one of the individuals, which allegedly unearthed various types and amounts of drugs and drug paraphernalia.

All three have since been taken into custody and face numerous charges in relation to the investigation. Two stand accused of delivery of heroin, while the other is reportedly facing two felony counts of delivery of marijuana. The penalties for similar charges are severe, and if convicted, each could be facing a lengthy prison term, as well as a substantial amount in monetary fines.

Those accused of multiple drug crimes might benefit from seeking counsel from an attorney as soon as any charges are filed. An experienced defense attorney can help a client in Wisconsin gain an understanding of the charges he or she is facing, and provide advice on making informed decisions throughout the process. Through thorough evaluation of the charges and evidence against a client, a defense attorney can also provide advice on how to pursue the most favorable outcome possible during subsequent legal proceedings.

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