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3 accused of multiple drug crimes following apartment fire

Upon receiving reports of a fire, emergency responders are generally swift in response to extinguish the threat. While at the scene, they may initiate an investigation into the cause of the fire, which can lead to a search of the premises. If suspicious activity is found in the process, those who reside within might find themselves facing criminal charges. Three individuals have been arrested and accused of drug crimes after a fire broke out in an apartment building in Wisconsin.

Authorities say that reports of the fire came in around 1 p.m. on a recent Monday. Upon arriving at the scene, they reportedly found the upstairs portion of the building to be engulfed in flames. They also claim that, while investigating the matter, an individual within the building allegedly admitted responsibility by claiming that he mishandled chemicals that are commonly used in the production of methamphetamine.

This reportedly led police to obtain a warrant and initiate a search at a home nearby, as well as a local hotel, which allegedly uncovered the presence of equipment and paraphernalia used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine. Three individuals have been arrested in relation to these searches, while authorities are reportedly searching for a fourth suspect. Each of those in custody have been accused of the possession and manufacturing of meth and would face severe consequences if a conviction is obtained.

Being accused of drug crimes of this nature can be a stressful and daunting experience. Those who face similar charges might find it advisable to speak with a defense attorney for advice on the best course of action with which to proceed. An attorney can inform a client in Wisconsin of the potential consequences he or she may face and work toward protecting his or her legal rights throughout the process.

Source:, “3 people face drug charges after fire investigation“, Sept. 28, 2017

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