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Possible overdose death leads to charges related to drug crimes

Drugs are a problem throughout Wisconsin. It seems as if the daily news broadcasts are filled with stories related to them. As a result, law enforcement officers remain vigilant in their endeavor to arrest anyone involved in drugs or related drug crimes.

Recently, emergency personnel and law enforcement officers were called to a home when one of the occupants was unresponsive. Although emergency personnel attempted to revive the man, their efforts were in vain, and he was declared dead. Authorities have now indicated that they believe his cause of death was due to a heroin overdose.

As a result of this visit to the residence, authorities obtained a search warrant for the premises. During their search, they claim to have discovered an extensive supply of heroin. Three individuals were arrested and charged with a variety of drug crimes, including possession and drug trafficking. They were also charged with reckless homicide regarding the apparent overdose death.

Each one of these individuals now must answer to these charges before a Wisconsin judge. Prior to this, they can each benefit by working with an experienced defense team to ensure that their rights are protected. Each team will want to review the evidence and the manner in which it was collected. Additionally, each defense counsel will want to review exactly how the attorney’s individual client is purportedly linked to the various crimes which officers claim have been committed.

Drug crimes are serious offenses in Wisconsin and elsewhere. Whenever one is facing such charges, the first step is to contact an experienced defense attorney. This individual will be able to fight for the best possible outcome.

Source:, “3 arrested in heroin overdose death, $24K worth of heroin seized,” Heather Poltrock, Aug. 21, 2017

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