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Former school district clerk accused of white collar crimes

A person’s life can change dramatically when facing accusations for credit card fraud. A conviction of this nature has severe consequences, often including heavy fines and time behind bars. A former school district clerk in Wisconsin is in a similar circumstance after being arrested for white collar crimes involving the improper use of credit cards.

The credit cards were issued for teachers and administrators by the school district and were intended for use in summer school. An audit allegedly uncovered multiple unauthorized charges made by the former clerk on two different cards. The purchases included items such as luggage and shoes, as well as hair products and gift cards. She has been arrested and is being charged with theft in more than $5,000 in purchases.

When facing similar charges, actions made or words spoken can have a major impact on the outcome. Even if the sentence does not include jail, a conviction can alter various areas of life, such as one’s employment and reputation. The clerk has already lost her position within the school district, and she may experience trouble finding employment in a related field in the future.

Individuals who are accused of white collar crimes, such as credit card fraud, often seek to challenge the charges and protect important areas in their lives. The process can be difficult, and seeking legal counsel early on is advisable. When facing a similar situation, many people in Wisconsin speak with a defense attorney for assistance in the process. An experienced attorney can evaluate the evidence against a person and advise him or her on how to obtain the best overall outcome given the situation.

Source:, “Former clerk charged with theft from Madison School District“, Ed Treleven, March 1, 2017

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