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Sex crimes charges do not nullify one’s personal rights

Being named the subject of a police investigation is obviously an unsettling experience. When an investigation involves allegations of sex crimes, stress levels are often intensified. Regardless, merely being charged with a crime in Wisconsin is far from the equivalent of a conviction will be handed down in court.

Many times, people are caught off-guard when investigators show up at their doors, asking to come inside and take a look around. Such searches often lead to criminal charges when officers say they have found incriminating evidence inside a home. Law enforcement officers do not have free rein, however, and must adhere to strict protocol when it comes to searching private property or seizing any items found therein. Should they act outside those parameters, any evidence proffered in the process can be challenged as inadmissible in court.

An accusation of a sex crime involving children is obviously a very serious matter. You will likely need a strong and aggressive defense to avoid conviction under such circumstances. It is up to the prosecution to prove you are guilty, however. There is often much a criminal attorney can do to combat tactics used by prosecutors to seek a conviction against you.

Laws pertaining to sex crimes vary by state. If you believe your personal rights have been violated or simply have questions regarding the process by which you will be tried in court, you may contact Kohn & Smith in Wisconsin for answers. Our attorneys are prepared to help you explore all available options toward achieving a positive outcome in your case.


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