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Man arrested on suspicion of sex crimes in Wisconsin

When a person is approached by police in Wisconsin or any other state and questioned about a suspected criminal offense, that person need not provide any answers beyond those confirming basic information of name and address. Any further interaction with law enforcement officers may be carried out alongside legal representation. A man who was recently arrested for suspected sex crimes has now had at least two conversations with police.

The situation unfolded when a minor age girl reported an alleged incident she said had made her feel uncomfortable. Authorities say the girl told them a car kept driving by her as she was walking along the road. At some point, the driver reportedly spoke to her and asked if she wanted to have a sexual encounter with him.

Police plugged the information into the Wisconsin Crime Alert System. Some time later, they claim to have gained several leads that prompted them to question a particular 33-year-old man. Officers say the man denied having ever interacted with the girl in question. He also said he had greeted a female who was walking  by but drove off without further conversation.

Police went to the man’s residence on a different day and placed him under arrest for child enticement. They say there have been other allegations of sex crimes against him in the past that also involved young girls. A county judge ruled that probable cause exists to try the man for the crimes of which he is accused. As such, he is scheduled to enter two pleas in court in January 2017. Outcomes in such cases often depend on the type of defense presented in court, which is why many defendants retain the help of skilled attorneys.

Source:, “Court finds probable cause to bind Matthew Botcher over for trial“, Dec. 20, 2016

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