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Man sentenced after admitting to violent crimes in Wisconsin

When a person is accused of a crime, there is no immediate way of knowing whether that person will be convicted in court. In fact, there are many situations where judges decide to dismiss all charges, or –even if convictions are handed down — people are often able to enlist support from experienced attorneys to obtain lighter sentences. In some cases, such as a recent one involving a 24-year-old man in Wisconsin, defendants plead guilty to violent crimes, and prepare themselves for the consequences.

The man who recently entered a guilty plea has admitted to murder in the second-degree after the shooting death of another man in October 2015. He also admitted to two counts of second-degree physical assault against two other people in connection with the same incident. Authorities say they believe the motive behind these crimes was robbery.

It is also believed that another young man, age 18, was present at the residence when the shooting took place. He is reportedly at risk for charges of aiding and abetting murder and assault. The man who has already pleaded guilty has been sentenced to a 30-year prison term.

Before any pleas are entered or trials take place, it is common for defendants to have numerous discussions with their lawyers in order to talk about various laws, potential repercussions, maximum possible penalties under conviction and what options may be available to secure positive outcomes. Being charged for violent crimes in Wisconsin is obviously no small matter. However, it is often possible to minimize the negative impact of a particular situation through sound counsel and aggressive defense strategies.

Source: CBS Minnesota, “Wisconsin Man Gets 30 Years In Winona Robbery, Murder“, Oct. 6, 2016

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