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Exploring options when accused of drug crimes in Wisconsin

Many people in Wisconsin may relate to the idea of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, thus resulting in certain negative consequences. When such situations include suspected drug crimes, the potential adverse effects are obviously quite serious. However, such circumstances do not always lead to convictions in court.

Often, securing immediate and experienced defense assistance helps a person charged with drug offenses avoid conviction. By investigating the events that led to an arrest, a criminal lawyer is sometimes able to determine that a defendant’s personal rights were violated in the process. It is then often possible to challenge the state’s evidence against a defendant. In some cases, such challenges have led to case dismissals.

There have also been incidents where police claim to have found drugs in someone’s car, but through aggressive defense investigation, it is later proved that those drugs belonged to someone other than the person charged with the crime. An alibi or other defense evidence may help convince the court that reasonable doubt exists. An experienced criminal attorney can help a defendant explore all available options toward building as strong a defense as possible.

Kohn & Smith is dedicated to serving those charged with drug crimes in Wisconsin. If you have been accused of a drug-related crime and have questions regarding the legal process, you may seek answers by contacting our office to request a meeting. We are prepared to make every effort to help you present a strong and effective defense against all charges you currently face in this state.

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