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Search continues for man convicted of sex crimes in Wisconsin

The penalties of convictions for sexual offenses in Wisconsin can be quite severe. Many convicted of sex crimes in the past have been forced to register as offenders and forced to wear electronic tracking devices on their bodies. One man apparently has ditched his device, which has led to a manhunt.

The 62-year-old man is a registered violent offender in the Manitowoc region. Police say the man was not at his reported residence when Department of Health and Social Services representatives recently paid him a routine visit. Authorities have also stated that they believe the man had slipped out of the electronic tracking device he had been ordered to wear.

A physical description of the man and instructions to call 911 if he is sighted have been issued to the public. Police claim the man is dangerous and should not be approached. They have also said they believe he may be armed, and he is now considered an escaped sexual offender.

Being accused of violating sex crimes registry regulations in Wisconsin is obviously a serious matter. Anyone facing similar issues can seek immediate guidance by contacting a criminal defense attorney to request a meeting. An experienced attorney may be able to provide several options concerning how best to address a particular situation, while limiting the potential negative effects such circumstances may have on one’s future. Authorities must prove that an actual violation of a court order has taken place, and an experienced criminal lawyer may be able to help a defendant overcome such charges by building a strong and aggressive defense strategy.


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