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Experienced defense a central focus of violent crimes cases

Being accused of a serious crime in Wisconsin or elsewhere often has immediate and long-lasting consequences. Every situation is different, yet every person is presumed innocent, unless proved otherwise in court. Aggressive, experienced defense is typically key in violent crimes cases to obtain results that minimize the potentially permanent negative impact such situations can have on one’s life.

Building a strong defense against serious charges often begins while investigation of the events that are alleged to have taken place is ongoing. One of the things a skilled criminal defense attorney can determine whether any personal rights of a defendant were violated during the process of an arrest, or thereafter. Law enforcement agents are bound by very strict rules and standards when it comes to any procedures used to take a person into custody.

Not all violent crime charges result in convictions. In many cases, the person accused of a violent crime was merely acting in self defense. An experienced criminal lawyer knows how to apply vigorous representation to a situation to contest the tactics and strategies the prosecution may try to use in court.

Kohn & Smith has more than 35 yearsof experience successfully defending those accused of serious crimes throughout the state. Our dedicated team of attorneys understands that a person’s future may be at stake when accused of battery, assault, murder or homicide. If you are seeking guidance for these or other violent crimes issues, you may contact our Wisconsin office to request a meeting. One of our main goals is to help you build a strong a defense toward obtaining as positive an outcome as possible.


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