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Soft insurance fraud — a crime more serious than many believe

Whether you call it soft fraud, a little white lie or a tiny cheat, engaging in even the mildest form of insurance fraud is a very serious matter. In fact, the FBI has devoted an entire page to the problem, complete with examples of common schemes and links to additional resources. The FBI page also reveals the cost of insurance fraud to citizens of the United States.

The economy in Wisconsin and other states is struggling as it has been for some time. Ordinary citizens who see a glimmer of a way to save even the smallest amount of money may be tempted to engage in fraud. After all, what is the real harm?

As defense attorneys, it is not our place to become involved in a discussion about the harm to the economy or to individual citizens. However, it is our place to support those facing insurance fraud accusations and to defend them within the boundaries of the law. Part of a good defense means being truthful about what might happen during prosecution attempts, and encouraging clients to be truthful in return.

A portion of this type of open dialog typically revolves around the possible penalties one might face if convicted. Understandably, defendants want this information as early as possible. As with most alleged crimes, the penalties for insurance fraud depend upon the details of the incident. In fact, sometimes it may not be treated as a criminal case but rather as an administrative action with no heavy penalties.

However, it is best not to count on such treatment. When one’s freedom and finances are at stake, no avenue should go unexplored, including legal assistance. You can learn more about defending yourself against insurance fraud by browsing the legal articles on our website.

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