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Medical marijuana in Wisconsin

All across America, marijuana laws seem to be undergoing change, huge change in some states. This leaves many Wisconsin residents wondering where the law stands for them and what they can or cannot get by with in terms of marijuana possession in the state. While there have been some changes regarding the medical use of marijuana in Wisconsin, most users are still far from exempt if they are caught in possession of the substance.

Last year, legislators enacted the Wisconsin Act, which does exempt a very small group of individuals from being punished for marijuana possession. Even though it would seem Wisconsin law allows a medicinal use of the substance, there are a few things people should know before rushing out to fill their medicine cabinets with the drug.

— At this time, the law only protects patients with seizure disorders– The law specifies only “non-psychoactive cannabidiols” are allowed– Patients must have a physician’s approval in writing– Despite the act, no Wisconsin dispensaries are currently able to stock medical marijuana– Patients may have to travel to a different medical marijuana state to acquire the substance

As you can see, the full use of medicinal marijuana in the state of Wisconsin has a long way to go before becoming truly viable. In the meantime, those who have been charged with a crime for using or possessing marijuana for medicinal purposes should consider speaking with an attorney about their case. Often, a qualified legal professional can uncover aspects of the arrest or the investigation that might lead to reduced or even eliminated charges.

Source: Marijuana Policy Project, “Wisconsin lawmakers pass, governor signs, limited medical marijuana bill” accessed Feb. 09, 2015

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