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Breaking down the different types of Internet crime

In today’s technology-infused environment, Internet crimes are becoming more and more prevalent. In fact, some people charged with Internet crimes may not have known what they were doing was wrong, believe it or not. If you or someone you know is looking at any type of allegation involving wrongdoing on the Internet, take a look at the following types of crime you could be charged with.

The type of Internet crime most people are familiar with involves identity theft, which occurs when someone uses another person’s personal information for his or her own economic gain. The next most-commonly heard of computer crime is computer hacking, which occurs when someone unlawfully breaches other computers, servers, networks or databases.

Other charges associated with unlawful misuse of computers and/or the Internet includes:

  • Child pornography, which is illegal to create, possess, distribute or otherwise transmit.
  • Fraudulent access, which typically involves gaining unauthorized access to computer systems to obtain goods or services.
  • Theft of data, which occurs when a person who does have authorized access copies or steals corporate information.
  • Phishing, which occurs when person poses as a trustworthy entity to illegally acquire account information, credit card data, passwords or other sensitive data.
  • Credit card fraud, which involves unlawfully making purchases with or otherwise using another person’s credit card data.

Each of these Internet crimes is a serious matter in the state of Wisconsin and elsewhere. Prosecutors typically use aggressive means to seek a conviction, which could potentially destroy a defendant’s reputation and personal life. Immediate action is necessary to protect yourself against such charges, and the first step is seeking legal representation.

Please feel free to review our web pages dedicated to Internet and computer crimes to see if you or someone you know might need to hire an attorney in the Milwaukee area.

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