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What you should know about domestic violence in Wisconsin

Domestic violence is a term used to describe a crime that is committed by one household member or family member against another. Although it is usually thought of as a crime that occurs between married couples, it generally actually applies to any type of partner relationship whether the individuals are straight or gay, or even if the partners are simply dating. Child abuse by a family member can also be classified as a type of domestic violence.

Although most people tend to think of domestic violence as a family member striking or hitting another family member, a sexual assault such as rape between partners is also considered a form of domestic violence. This type of domestic violence is sometimes also known as spousal abuse.

Interestingly, in the state of Wisconsin, those who are accused of domestic violence may be charged even if the victim of the crime has informed the police that they do not wish to press charges against the other person. This is because Wisconsin’s domestic violence law states that police officers are required by law to arrest someone once they respond to the scene of an alleged domestic violence dispute.

Those who are arrested for domestic violence not only have to deal with the stigma of their arrest, but if they are convicted they may face jail time, lose the ability to have contact with their loved ones, and even their visitation or custody rights if a child is involved. Those who are convicted may also lose simple rights such as the ability to possess a firearm.

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