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Wisconsin man receives 63 months for sex crime charges

A 34-year-old Milwaukee man has been sentenced to 63 months in prison after pleading guilty to transportation for prostitution in August. The man, who was indicted back in December, was also initially facing charges for inducing travel to engage in prostitution and sex trafficking before pleading guilty to the transportation for prostitution charge.

The sex crime charges against the man stemmed from an incident that occurred in November 2013. That’s when investigators in Sioux Falls allegedly discovered an ad on the website that made reference to two women who were reportedly working as escorts.

After making arrangements to meet the women at a local hotel, undercover detectives were in the process of talking to a clerk that was working the front desk at the hotel when a 24-year-old woman who was running away from the man came running up to the desk. She told them she needed help. During a subsequent interview with the woman, police state that she told the investigators she had come willingly to Sioux Falls to party, but he allegedly soon forced her to perform sex acts.

The man was arrested at the scene. Police also recovered explicit images of a 17-year-old girl on the man’s phone. The teenage girl in the photos was later discovered in a hotel room.

Defendants who are facing sex crime charges may face severe consequences, such as a lengthy prison sentence or a lifetime of registering on the sex offender registry if they are convicted for these types of crimes. An experienced Wisconsin criminal attorney may be able to help reduce these types of charges and could work to limit jail time.

Source: Argus Leader, “Wisconsin man sentenced to 5 years for sex trafficking in S.F.” Mark Walker, Nov. 18, 2014

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