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Wisconsin man could face 85 years for child sex crimes

A Wisconsin man from La Crosse who was already facing multiple charges for allegedly filming and molesting a 4-year-old child is now facing another underage pornography charge after police reportedly found more pornographic images on the hard drive of his computer. Other charges against the man include causing a child to view pornography, sexual exploitation and first-degree sexual assault.

The charges against the man stemmed from an investigation that began after police were notified about an alleged assault of a child. During a search of the man’s apartment on Miller Street, police allegedly discovered an iPad that was mounted on a wall and was pointed toward a bed. During a search of the premises, investigators recovered a variety of electronic devices, including cellphones, a camera, tablets and computers.

Police say a second search of the apartment was performed after investigators were tipped off that the man had allegedly purchased another computer so that he could erase a hard drive the he had previously stored in a box used for art supplies. During a subsequent analysis of a hard drive acquired during the search, a forensic analyst reportedly recovered images of 14 different young girls in approximately 49 images. The girls are all believed to be under 9 years of age.

If convicted on the charges, the man could face at least 85 years in prison, plus 15 years for the newest charge of underage pornography. He currently remains in jail on a $75,000 bond.

Defendants who are accused of sex crimes against a child may find it beneficial to receive advice from an experienced Wisconsin criminal attorney. No matter the nature of charges against someone, he or she has a right to a fair and just trial, as well as the opportunity to appeal an unfair verdict.

Source:, “La Crosse man accused of molesting 4-year-old faces new child porn charges” Chris Hubbuch, Sep. 15, 2014

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