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Cocaine charges in Wisconsin can have serious implications

If you have been arrested on cocaine charges, it could be a big mistake to not take Wisconsin’s drug charges seriously. You could potentially face serious penalties that could include several months or even several years behind bars. You could also face serious monetary fines, especially if you are charged with multiple crimes such as possession, trafficking and distribution.

While a conviction for these types of cocaine charges could carry a very heavy penalty, it is important to realize that the penalty usually depends a lot on how much of the drug you are being accused of having at the time of your arrest. The amount of jail time and the fines you could pay will increase dramatically depending on just exactly how much cocaine you are allegedly caught with during the arrest. The penalties typically increase as the weight of the cocaine increases.

One important point to note, in order to be charged with possession of cocaine, you don’t even necessarily have to have the drugs in your pocket or on your person. Wisconsin law states that you are guilty of possession if the drugs are considered to be under your control. This means that even if the drugs belong to a friend or someone else, if they are found in your home or car, you could potentially face charges for possession of cocaine.

Being arrested on drug charges not only can impact your life, but it could have serious consequences on your family as well. If you are facing these types of charges, it is imperative to have legal representation that will not only look out for your best interests but may be able to help you reduce charges or limit jail time. Our website can help to provide you with information about cocaine charges and the implications you could face.

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