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Wisconsin woman accused of conspiring to shoot and kill fiance

A 33-year-old NorthCentral Technical College criminal justice major has been charged with conspiracy to commit first degree intentional homicide. The Marathon County woman is scheduled to appear in court on March 12 to find out if her case is scheduled for trial. The charges against the woman stem from an incident in which she allegedly attempted to make a deal with a man to shoot and kill her fiance.

During the investigation, it was revealed that the woman had allegedly agreed to give the man, who is a police informant, $1,000 and have sex with him if he would kill her fiance. Police investigators state that the woman had apparently been thinking about killing her fiance for about two years and had reportedly put a good deal of thought into her fiance’s demise.

According to court documents, she allegedly told the man to enter the law firm where the intended victim is an attorney, shoot him and then exit the building. She reportedly offered the man further details on how to avoid being recognized by suggesting that he dress to appear heavier than he was, and that he walk to the building instead of parking nearby, explaining that this would ensure that his vehicle would not be seen. She also suggested that he get rid of his shoes once he killed him.

Since the woman’s fiance works as an attorney in the Marathon County legal system, the case will now be heard by a Taylor County judge and prosecuted by the Langlade County district attorney. Meanwhile, the woman remains in the Marathon County Jail pending a $250,000 cash bond.

Participating in a conspiracy to commit first degree intentional homicide is a serious matter, and there can be severe penalties for a defendant if convicted. An experienced Wisconsin criminal defense attorney can guide a defendant through the legal process to help ensure that his or her rights are protected.

Source: WSAW-TV, “UPDATE: Taylor Co. Judge, Langlade Co. DA to Hear Murder for Hire Case” Hannah Anderson, Mar. 05, 2014

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